Authors from around the world,

Once you have your book ready, we are looking forward to help you publish it as an eBook and let the world read it. Send us your book in a .doc or .txt format, and then we will create at no cost to you an ebook that will display nicely on all major reading devices, like the popular iPad, Kindle or Nook. The formats we offer are ePub, Mobi and PDF. Once the conversion is completed, we will publish the eBook on our Bookshelf as well as on all major electronic libraries. You will find your titles on iBook Store (Apple), Kindle Store (Amazon), Barnes and Noble, Google Play and more.

The revenue from selling your eBook will be split between you and us: 85% goes to you as the author, 15% stays with us, as the publisher. The above is subject to the US tax laws. We will transfer to your Pay Pal account any amount over $50, quarterly (in April, July, October and January) or, if the accumulated revenue is less than $50, we will add it to the next quarter's revenue. Please download our Publishing agreement for further reading.

You retain the copyright of the book, so it is your responsability to register it with the aplicable legal offices. We have a post on our Blog with details about this very important aspect so please read further here.

Please send us an email at and we will get in touch with you shortly to have your author account set up and to start publishing your eBook.